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If you are considering purchasing an Oscar Winter engagement ring, wedding band or designer fine jewelry design but don't know the finger size to order, you can follow this simple guide to determine your size and complete your purchase.


If you have a ring that fits properly on the same hand and finger that you intend to wear your new Oscar Winter ring but you don't know the size of the ring, you can reference the Oscar Winter Ring Size Guide and follow the instructions provided to determine the size of your ring.


If you don't already have a ring that fits your finger and can be compared to our Ring Size Guide, you can either take a measurement by comparing the sizes in the Ring Size Guide to your finger, or we can ship you a ring sizing gauge, enabling you to take an accurate measurement. Simple instructions are included with the gauge that will guide you through taking an accurate measurement. Oscar Winter will provide complimentary shipping and there's no need to return the sizer to us when you have confirmed your measurement. Our team of Personal Jewelry Advisors are here to assist you during this process.


If you are purchasing a ring for someone and don't know their finger size, we recommend you use our ring size guide to estimate their finger size as accurately as possible. If any adjustment to the finger size needs to be made after you received your order, simply use the ring size gauge included in the parcel to take a precise measurement. We can provide a complimentary label to return the ring for adjustment.


Please keep in mind that the fit of your ring will fluctuate slightly depending on different factors including weather, thickness of the band, the number of rings you are wearing in a stack, and other instances. If you have any questions or concerns, our team of Personal Jewelry Advisors would be happy to help guide you.