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A jewel is precious

Fine jewelry is one of earth's most beautiful gifts, delicate in precious in nature. We don't recommend you wear your Oscar Winter jewelry if you will be doing strenuous physical activity, heavy lifting or in any situation that the metal or gemstones could be put under strain.


Annual professional cleaning and tune up

We encourage you to send your Oscar Winter jewelry to us once a year for a thorough professional cleaning and polishing, and also to allow our jewelers to check for loose prongs and any other undetected issues that may arise as a result of normal wear. This is a complimentary service and we will arrange for shipping at no cost to you with pleasure.


Regular home cleaning

Your Oscar Winter diamond jewelry can be cleaned with a number of home jewelry cleaners. We also recommend you use an old toothbrush with soft bristles, warm water and soap to clean behind the diamond where lotion and dirt might build up and prevent your jewel from showing its brilliance.


Gemstone and pearl jewelry

Gemstone and pearl jewelry requires specific care depending on the type characteristics of the gemstones. Please contact your Oscar Winter Personal Jewelry Advisor for more detailed instructions of how to best care for these treasures.

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