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The silvery appearance of white gold pairs beautifully with white diamonds, and it is more affordable than platinum, making it a popular choice for bridal jewelry.

Gold in its purest form, 24 carat (24k), is too soft to use in jewelry making so it is mixed with other metals through a process known as alloying to create 18k, 14k and 10k gold. The standard caratage in fine jewelry is 18k, which is 75% gold and 25% other alloys.


Oscar Winter engagement rings and wedding bands are ethically sourced, nickel safe, and considered hypoallergenic.


While pure gold is always yellow, the color of the metals added to create 18k gold gives white gold its silvery color. 18k white gold still maintains a yellowish tint so jewelers use rhodium, a precious metal known for its white, glittery color, to plate white gold jewelry resulting in a grayish white color similar to that of platinum. Overtime, the rhodium finish will wear and white gold jewelry might have a slight yellow hint.


Oscar Winter offers complimentary replating annually to ensure your jewel continues to look as beautiful as the day you bought it.


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